Sharon Gutierrez

Sharon Gutierrez is the owner and founder of Shar’Enterprise, a marketing consultant company located in Honolulu, Hawai’i. She believes that every brand has a story to tell, and is passionate about helping local businesses excel within their communities and beyond, through careful analysis, optimized marketing and strategic services. Her strengths include social media management, political campaign consulting, website revision, branding, event planning, marketing strategy and marketing coaching.

Terence Crouch

I’m Terence Crouch.
What makes me unique is that I’m a millennial that started their career in social media. I feel that my uncontrollable desire to stay connected to the world via smartphone opened the doors for a career path that I didn’t know existed.

I have over 9 years of Social Media & Digital Marketing Experience. I’ve worked with Big Brands like Hilton & Waldorf Astoria & Fun Brands Like Bar Louie & Hobbytown.

Tessa Ashford

Tessa is a business problem solver. Think of your business like a Rubik’s cube… Each facet represents a different area of your business – Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Product Development, Human Resources and Strategy. Tessa can take a look at where your business is at right now, determine what facet needs to be worked on first and helps you solve problems in that facet that affect your ability to make more money or grow your business.

She has a degree in Web Design and Marketing and is finishing out a Business Administration Degree. Tessa has also completed a rigorous training program and is now a Certified Online Business Manager. She has worked with web design and marketing companies since 1995 and has a tremendous amount of experience to pull from.