Thank you for scheduling with Sharon Gutierrez. The following types of meeting are currently available: 

  • One-to-One: An hour long social or BNI meeting where we can connect personally and professionally and learn more about each other's businesses. 
  • Free Consultation: Once we have had a One-to-One and have decided to delve deeper into your marketing strategies, let's schedule your free 1 hour consultation. After the consultation you will receive customized recommendations from our meetings. 
  • Client Meetings: This option is for current clients only and can be done either virtually or in person. If an in person meeting is necessary, we will notify when inviting you to schedule. 

Please choose whether you would like to meet in person or virtually. In general, there is more availability for meeting virtually when possible for quick client check-ins. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you, 

Sharon Gutierrez